Thursday, October 23, 2014
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Ticket prices:$5.00, Kids under 5 Free. Pit entry $20.00, Special features may have a different price.

Spud Speedway News Article

2014 Awards Banquet

The 2014 Spud Speedway Banquet will be held on Saturday, November 8th at the Jade Palace in the Tiki Lounge. It will be a full buffet including soda. Happy hour will be from 5-6pm, Meal at 6-7pm, awards at 7pm. Stay after to celebrate and enjoy a night out with friends. The cost is $13.00 per person, kids are welcome from 5-8pm. You must RSVP by Friday, October 31st. You can RSVP by emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or calling 227-0897. Be sure to register early as we have limited space, we hope to see you all there to have a great night on the town!

Fall Brawl Results

September 13th Fall Brawl Race Results

Aroostook Trusses Northern Lights
1. #39 Travis Beale of Hamden, ME.
2. #11 Ian Rasmussen of New Denmark, NB
3. #21 Matt Lloyd of New Denmark, NB.
4. #72 Shawn Dewley of Presque Isle, ME.
5. #95 Galen Morrow of Limestone, ME.
6. #33 Wayne Fox Jr. Of Caribou, ME.
7. #22 Kyle Wells of Presque Isle, ME.
8. #37 Mike Coventry of Van Buren, ME.
9. #71x Thomas Everrette of Limestone, ME.
10. #71 Steve Levesque of Blaine, ME.

Starting line up - 71,33,22,11,21,72,37,39,71x,95
Heat - 11,39,21,33,72,95,22,71,37,71x

Aroostook Savings & Loan Street Stocks

1. #13 Mark Argraves of Castle Hill, ME.
2. #4 Bobby Anderson of Limestone, ME.
3. #54 JR Howlett of Mapleton, ME.
4. #27 Dale Argraves of Castle Hill, ME.
5. #90 Jon Dixon of Presque Isle, ME.

Starting Line up - 13,90,4,54,27
Heat - 13,4,54,90,27

Haney's Building Specialties Fast Fours

1. #41 Nate Haney of Caribou, ME.
2. # 00 Wayne Fox Jr. Of Caribou, ME.
3. #57 Don DeLuck of Hamden, ME.

Starting Line up - 00,41,57
Heat -41,08,00,57

Coca Cola Outlaw Sportsman
1. #29 Robert Tomlinson of Arthurette, NB
2. #44 Jamie Albert of Limestone, ME.
3. #02 Dillon MacDougal of Fort Fairfield, ME.
4. #26 James Courtney of Woodstock, NB

Starting Line up - 29,02,26,44
Heat - 29,02,26,44

Blacked Out Window Tint Kart Divisions

Kids Karts Participants

#4 Brayden Thibedeau of Caswell, ME.
#43 Gage Theriault of Limestone, ME.
#21 Issac Rossignol of New Denmark, NB.
#16 Ryder Leavitt of Fort Fairfield, ME.

Jr. Champ Karts
1. #53 Damian Theriault of Caribou, ME.
2. #23 Landen Leavitt of Fort Fairfield, ME.
3. #07 Brian Searles of Presque Isle, ME.

Starting Line Up - 23,7,53
Heat - 53, 07

Sr. Champ Karts

1. #25 Jason Theriault of Caribou, ME.
2. #77 Mario Picard of Caribou, ME.
3. #10 Tom Hale of Westmanland, ME.

Starting Line Up -25,77,10
Heat - 25,77,10

Atlantic Open Wheels (Top 3)

1. #1 Ryan Messer of Harvey, NB
2. #4 Brandon Skidmore of Springhill, NS
3. #2 Tom Betts of Doaktown, NB

Mechanics Race Winner

1. #39 Danielle Beale of Hamden, ME.

Bomber Race (Top 3)

1. #77 Josh Knoll of
2. #22x Bobby Anderson of Limestone, Me.
3. #48 Jason Levesque of Caribou, ME.

Tuff Trucks

1. Derek Fitzpatrick of Houlton, ME.
2. Bobby Anderson of Limestone, ME.
3. Wayne Fox Jr. of Caribou, ME.

Demolition Derby

1. Kyle Wells of Presque Isle, ME.
2. Scott Fisher of Caribou, ME.
3. Vaughn Michaud of Caribou, ME.

We would like to congratulate the 2014 Champions

Aroostook Trusses Northern Lights - #21 Matt Lloyd of New Denmark, NB
Aroostook Federal Savings & Loan - # 4 Bobby Anderson of Limestone, ME.
Haney's Building Specialties Fast 4's - Nate Haney of Caribou, ME.
Coca-Cola Outlaw Sportsmanship - #23 Connor Thibeau of Fort Fairfield, ME.
Blacked Out Window Tint Jr. Champ Karts - #53 Damian Theriault of Caribou, ME.
Blacked Out Window Tint Sr. Champ Karts - #77 Tyler Raymond of Caribou, ME.

Thank you to all of the competitors that competed at Spud Speedway this season. We would also like to thank the fans and sponsors that helped make it all possible this season. Please watch for upcoming information on our Championship Banquet in November.

A Special Thanks I gave at our last event

First of all, I would like to thank everyone for coming out today to enjoy racing here at Spud Speedway. As many of you may have heard over the past week, I have decided that this will be my last show that I host as the race promoter. Back in 2009, I bought the Speedway hoping to make a positive difference here in the County, by building a place that could offer a little something for everyone to enjoy. Since then, we have hosted, concerts, monster truck shows, tour races, a fair, snow sled racing, and most importantly weekly racing. Although we have had some fun hosting such events, we haven't always had the necessary support from the local community to continue to fund and bring such events here to our area. Now believe me, I don't feel special about this point, as many other groups and shows are having difficulty here all over the County, rather it be a local fair, concerts, or whatever. We have faced many challenges over the past 5 years such as weather, the economy, and outside venues attracting our local folks outside of our area. Through all of that I feel we have managed to bring some great quality experiences right here to our track for all to enjoy.

I would just like to take a minute before we get started today and thank some people and to be sure that they all know how much I appreciate their support through the past few years. Many of these people made it possible for us to keep this going as long as we have.

I would like to thank our sponsors that have helped us each year. Some sponsors have been by our side for the entire 5 year stretch and I would like to thank Coca-Cola, Griffeth Ford, Aroostook Savings & Loan, Aroostook Trusses, Caldwell's Auto, Town Square Media, and Mark's Towing. We have also had so many other sponsors that have helped and a special thanks goes out to all of them as well.

From when we bought the track until now, we have also had many people donate services or equipment to get the track looking and functioning the way it has. I would like to thank those folks now for their support as without them I'm not sure we could have done any of this. Thank you to Phil St. Peter of Major Service, Jerry Williams of William's Construction, Richard Newland of Peterson's Septic Service, Rob & Scott Caldwell of Caldwell's Sanitation, Dick St. Peter of St. Peter Construction, Tim Todd of R. L. Todd Electrical, Wayne Smith of Smith's Electric, Jere Humphrey and Nancy Haggerty of Humphrey's Property Maintainence, Mark Nadeau of Mark's Towing, Craig & Jason Trombley of Trombley Industries, and Scott Richardson of Gervais Fencing.

I would like to also thank my staff as without these guys, none of the races would of ever happened. A special thanks to Tom Hale and Tyler Raymond for keeping the place looking great this year. Our staff has a thankless job and take grief many times for stuff that they had nothing to do with. We have had so many great people here over the 5 years that is impossible to thank them all here today, but I must mention a few that again have been here for the entire ride. I truly appreciate having the chance to work with each and every one of them. Thanks to Marcel Bosse, Lisa & Danny LaCasse, Rick & Dylan LaMothe, Tammy Michaud, Lori Dewley, Jody Green, Russell Monson, Lynn Martin, and last but not least Carlie Michaud. Charlie has been here more than anyone helping me as if this place was his own, and I really appreciate everything he has done.

I would also like to thank Dan Haines who has helped me countless times over the past five years with organization, websites and much, much more during the week each season.

I also want to thank all of the local racers from Maine and New Brunswick that have been involved and helping us spread a good positive message about racing and trying to get others involved. We appreciate all of the tours that have made the trip to the County to put on a great show and help us offer a little something different each season.

I also need to send out my biggest thanks to my family that have stuck by my side through out this entire process. Julie, Sabrina, Kirsten, Brooke, Jason, and Kacie have stood by and helped me here at the track and at home during the week to make sure these shows have happened all while it has consumed all of my free time and then some. They have done so without complaint and for that I know I owe them some much needed family time.

I'm sure I have forgot to mention someone in this process today, and it by all means is not on purpose. There have been so many that have been involved and no track can or ever will survive without a whole team of people and supporters, such as you, the fans that come every week to cheer on your favorite racers. We will continue to support the track and we are actively looking for someone to lease the track in hopes to keep racing alive. At the bare minimum we will continue next season with our race kart series and we will consider a couple possible weekend special events.

Today, marks the end of my journey with this historic venue as a promoter, as it has, with many owners before. Hopefully a new door will open soon and racing here in the County will have a chance to continue. Thank you all, for allowing me to part of the ride we call Spud Speedway.

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